St. Mark’s Academy strives to follow the true meaning of Montessori by educating your child’s mind, body, and spirit. By using faith-based teachings and combining the foundations and practices of Montessori, St. Mark’s Lutheran Academy focuses on helping your child develop into their full potential.

Montessori Education focuses on educating your child holistically without dictating what your child must do. Instead, our teachers develop work plans to inspire and challenge your child while providing them the freedom to choose where to begin. It provides an innovative, child-centered approach to education that empowers children to learn more about themselves and their world. 


Our year-round program is divided into two semesters: an Academic semester and a Summer Exploration semester. 

The Academic semester runs each year from August to June. Children focus on various academics prepared by our certified Montessori teachers, who guide and encourage each child. 

The Summer Exploration semester runs from June to August. Children experience various field trips and creative projects where they are encouraged to explore the world around them.