Faith Based Montessori Education

An innovative and child-centered approach to education, Montessori is a student-led and guided approach to education. Our knowledgeable teachers assess and provide a nurturing environment. With daily work plans,  your child will be empowered to choose what they want to work on, and nothing is imposed upon them. 

Meet Our Team

Christy Brewster

Christy worked for 20+ years with Montessori education in various settings from preschool to 9th grade. As the Academy Director and Lead teacher of St. Mark’s Lutheran Academy, she combines her many years of teaching and communication with her strong faith and love for Christ. Bringing her passion for teaching and her love for Christ into St. Mark’s Academy, Christy helps further St. Mark’s mission of reaching out, reaching in, and inspiring the children she teaches. 

“I have learned in life that God is with us no matter what may come and that if we trust in Him, things tend to work out.” 

Gretchen Germann

Gretchen is a trained Early Childhood teacher, and is our Assistant Teacher. She leads the Kindergarten Readiness Program, and is a wonderful addition to our staff. She loves working with plants, flowers, and of course our amazing students.